19/12/2012 10:59 GMT | Updated 19/12/2012 11:34 GMT

Ex-EastEnder Daniella Westbrook Reveals 'I Snorted Cocaine Whilst Giving Birth' On Jeremy Kyle Show

Former EastEnders actress Daniella Westbrook has revealed she snorted a line of cocaine as she gave birth to her son.

Appearing on ITV's Jeremy Kyle show on Wednesday, the 39-year-old wept as she recalled the horrific extent of her 12 year drug addiction.

The born-again Christian also admitted taking cocaine throughout her first pregnancy and stealing from her husband to fund her habit.

daniella westbrook on jeremy kyle

Daniella Westbrook broke down in tears as she confessed the extend of her drug addiction

She said: "I took drugs throughout my pregnancy and in the bathroom suite right up until the moment I delivered him.

"Whilst in labour, I asked them to leave the room [so I could take drugs]. I was in a terrible state, no one could save me at the time."

When asked what she did following the birth while her son Kai was being cleaned and checked by doctors, she replied: "I went back into the toilet. I was a complete drug addict of the highest order."

Westbrook, who used to date Brian Harvey from East 17, also confessed to having snorted lines of the drug off Disney video boxes and coming around after a cocaine convulsion to find her three-year-old son trying to feed her a Mars Bar to revive her.

daniella westbrook on jeremy kyle1

Westbrook, who played Sam Mitchell in EastEnders, has been clean for 12 years

She praises husband Kevin Jenkins for turning her life around, though admits she was stealing money from him to fund her habit in the early days of their marriage.

Crediting him with sending her to rehab, she said: "I stole from him, I was taking drugs.

"I was three months pregnant and he just put me on a plane to Arizona, I was so drugged up I didn't know what was happening.

"The first two weeks I was a terrible person, but then I just thought 'I need to do this'."

daniella westbrook on jeremy kyle

The born-again Christian admitted she was 'lucky to be alive'

Earlier this year Westbrook gave an interview to Closer magazine, where she confessed she was lucky to be alive, but admitted her addiction had cost her her looks.

Revealing she had spent a total of £250,000 on drugs and £20,000 on a nose reconstruction after her septum collapsed, she said: "I couldn't have gone through all those years of drug addiction and come out of it unscathed. It's aged me and it's done things to my face, but I'm lucky to be alive."

She added her years as an addict had left her wary of medical help: "Once an addict, always an addict. The other day I went to the doctor and he told me to use Vicks to unblock my nose, but I can't do that - just the thought of putting anything up my nose now makes me gag."

Westbrook has been clean of drugs for 12 years.