20/12/2012 06:45 GMT | Updated 19/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Mount Everest Panorama: Two Billion Pixel Image Captured Of The World's Tallest Mountain (PICTURES)

A stunning two billion pixel image of Mount Everest has allowed internet users to scale the world's tallest mountain from their desktops.

The incredible photograph is a mosaic made up of 477 separate images, taken by the GlacierWorks project.

Above: the panorama of Everest by GlacierWorks

The picture shows the summit of Everest in amazing detail, as well as the Everest Base Camp, the Khumbu icefall and the nearby peaks of the Changtse and Lohtse mountains.

The photos were taken in spring 2012, from various points around the mountain, with a 300mm lens.

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Amazingly, just 1 in 100 of the photos taken by the project have appeared on the website. The rest are waiting to be used in new ways and projects, including a plan to show how the mountain has changed over time.

According to the Telegraph, David Breashears - the first American to scale everest - wants to take 120,000 pictures of the area from a helicopter to offer a new, panoramic birds-eye view.