22/12/2012 12:22 GMT

Ed Sheeran Handed Baronetcy Of Sealand By Friends

Ed Sheeran already has a stack of awards, a string of chart-toppers and hoards of screaming fans – and now he has capped off his year by becoming a baron.

The flame-haired singer has added the rather grand title to his name to mark the end of an incredible year. But the queen hasn't been dolling out a new range of titles to people.

Ed's pal owns an independently-recognised state off the coast of Suffolk and can therefore hand out titles to whoever he chooses.

But before Ed starts getting ideas about building a country estate on his new land, the state of Sealand is actually an old oil rig.

The Principality of Sealand, as it is officially known, was also used as a defence platform during the second world war.

It is owned by the Bates family, with son His Royal Highness Prince Michael taking charge of the country after his father, Prince Roy, passed away earlier this year.

The country also has its own international football team, which boasts players including actor Ralf Little.

Ed tweeted how happy he was with the news that he had been given the title, explaining: "A friend of a friend owns an oil rig that got made into a country legally, and (is) called Sealand, which made him the king of Sealand.

"Which means he can give out titles to people... So he has given me the title of Baron von Edward Sheeran. I am a baron. Awesome s**t."

Maybe the Lego House singer should hold on to some of his excitement though, as it is also possible for anyone to buy a title of Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness from Sealand's website.