26/12/2012 10:16 GMT | Updated 26/12/2012 10:24 GMT

Gary Lineker's Christmas Fail: Football Pundit Tweets Turkey Disaster (PICTURES)

DOH! Gary Lineker managed to fowl up his Christmas dinner this year - by serving up a raw turkey.

The football pundit revealed his balls-up via Twitter, admitting turning on the oven had been his "only job" in the preparation of the meal.

After two hours, a check on the bird revealed... absolutely nothing.

Christmas fowl: Gary Lineker posted his raw bird online for all to see

As the inevitable ribbing got underway, the former England Striker protested he and wife Danielle had been out walking the dog, and had hence not noticed the kitchen was absent of mouthwatering smells.

Lineker, who is the face of Walkers, took jibes he'd be opening a packet of crisps for dinner in good humour.