Home-Made Lego Sorting Machine (VIDEO)

Home-Made Lego Sorting Machine

Possibly the most annoying thing about Lego other than stepping on it in bare feet, is sorting the different bits into piles.

Yes, for some purists sorting Lego defeats the object of this creative, childish hobby. But for others it's important to know how many two-ers you have, and to know it now.

To that end one intrepid inventor, Akiyuki, has come up with a home-made machine to sort a pile of Lego into neat little smaller piles.

In fact the machine - the Lego Axle Sorter AS-L40A - can even pick up the Lego from a nearby bucket on its own.

And yes, it too is made out of Lego.

It's not as complex as Akiyuki's Great Ball Machine contraption from last year, but it's probably more useful.

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