iPod Touch Dropped From 100,000 Feet, Survives (VIDEO)

In an impressively insane PR stunt, and iPhone case manufacturer has dropped Apple's latest iPod Touch from 100,000 feet above the Earth.

Arguably even more impressively, the iPod survived.

The video is the work of G-Form, whose new line of cases is on show next week at CES in Las Vegas.

They sent the device up on a weather balloon, timed to drop it 100,000 feet. On the way the iPod endured temperatures below -60 degrees Farenheit.

It eventually landed 41 miles away from its initial launch point in the Nevada Desert. And yes, it turned on afterwards.

No, we're not sure why they put an iPod Touch in the iPhone case, and we're fully aware it's PR fluff. Still, it's pretty impressive - even if the camera failed halfway down.

Take a look at this ridiculous stunt, above.