06/01/2013 06:57 GMT

Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley Worried About Henna Tattoo

Catherine Tyldesley is worried she is going to get into a lot of trouble when she heads back to work on Coronation Street, as a henna tattoo she got on holiday won't come off.

The actress, who plays Eva Prince in the Manchester soap, had headed away for a romantic break with her boyfriend Sam Witter over the festive period during a break in filming. The pair jetted to Dubai and Catherine had the henna tattoo done on her hands.

But now she is back at home in the UK again she has started to panic as the designs have still not faded, and could be a bit hard to explain away in the programme.

Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley arriving at the UNICEF Gala Dinner last month

In her panic, she appealed for help on Twitter, writing: "How does one get henna off my hands? Don’t think Eva can explain the henna! Tried everything!"

A crew member from the show did little to make Catherine feel better, as they added that they think she has a close up shot of her hands scheduled to be filmed in the coming days, and that it could cause continuity problems, meaning whole scenes could have to be rescheduled.

A source from the programme told the Mirror: "We have had problems in the past with cast coming back from holidays with tans or their hair changed. But we have never heard of anyone coming into work with henna tattoos on their hands.

"There really will be no way to explain that when it comes to filming. It would only have been a bit of fun when Catherine decided to get then done, but I'm sure she'll think twice before she ever does it again."

Since it's still cold in Manchester, perhaps the costume department could find a few pairs of gloves for her to wear?