China's 'Beautiful Leg Heroine' Goes Viral After Kung-Fu Kick Appears To Stop Woman Wielding Blade

A high-kicking, high-heeled heroine has taken China by storm, as a video emerged of a young women in bare legs apparently subduing a weapon-wielding woman.

Dubbed "Beautiful Leg Heroine" by local media, the video gained more than 1.3million views in seven hours on Youku, according to blog Beijing Cream.

But many on social networks have raised eyebrows at the video and questioned its veracity, especially seeing as the woman is wearing bare legs in extremely cold temperatures.

Neither women in the video have yet been identified, but the clip has gone viral in China

A news anchor described the girl as “walking the street with a pair of exposed snow-white legs, and they pack some serious kung-fu. With just one move, she rescued a woman trying to commit suicide on the street.”

According to eyewitnesses who shot the video in Guangzhou at around 8pm on Saturday evening, "Beautiful Leg Heroine" subdued a woman who was "screaming about the end of the world", holding a knife or a pair of scissors, with bleeding hands, looking like she was "preparing to kill herself."

She began to throw money onto the floor, Chinese media described, chucking aside 50 and 100 RMB notes (£5 and £10). The young heroine appears to approach the woman to offer her the money back, and quickly smashes the blade out of her hands.

Chinese news channels recreated the scene and the moments before the kung-fu kick, using an animated sequence.

No-one has traced the woman, but it can't be long before Hollywood tracks her down.

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