Samsung Unveils Ultra HD 'Floating' Television (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)

Samsung has unveiled a unique Ultra-HD television, with a 'floating' design it says could revolutionise home cinema.

The 85-inch TV is housed within an easel-like frame, which allows it to rotate freely and appear to 'float' in mid-air.

It can play video up to resolutions of 4K - so-called Ultra HD, content for which is barely available to consumers.

Samsung made the highly anticipated announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The snappily named UN85S9 also holds a 120-watt, 2.2 speaker system built into the frame.

It also boasts the South Korean company's Smart Hub software, S-Recommendation, and voice control.

There's no pricing information yet, and no availability details either. However expect to have to pay thousands for the set once it's released in March.