Trombone Silliness: David Finlayson Puts GoPro Camera On Instrument, Brilliance Ensues (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Attaches Camera To Trombone Slide

Today's tip of the hat - and wave of the baton - goes to New York Philharmonic musician David Finlayson.

Finlayson attached a GoPro camera to the slide of his trombone, switched it on... and in doing so created a video that's gone viral quicker than you can play 'Flight Of The Bumblebee'.

It's a simple idea - and one to file under How Come No One's Ever Done This Before? - but utterly lovely in its simplicity. And its downright silliness, of course.

That said: Mr Finlayson may be a Philharmonic player, but he's not a patch on Rob Rouse, who's not just a comedian but also a damn fine trumpet player:

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