Labradoodle 'Charles The Monarch' Sparks Panic & Police Calls After Being Mistaken For A Lion (VIDEO)

A Labradoodle sparked panic in Virginia after a passerby mistook him for a baby lion and phoned the police.

The animal was seen strolling down the street on Tuesday and anxious police quickly contacted the local zoo to make sure their lions were accounted for.

But this was no escaped lion. This was just Charles the Monarch going for an evening stroll, the Pilot Online revealed.

Charles the Monarch is a Labrador crossed with a Poodle

The Labradoodle is the pride and joy of one Daniel Painter and has been shaved this way for his role as the unofficial mascot of Old Dominion University in Virginia.

Painter told the paper: "I tell people he's a Lab-a-lion and half the people believe that."

And on behalf of Charles, he exclusively told Huffington Post UK this: "I may be the King over here, but I have yet to meet my Queen.

"I'd like to have a pride of my own someday too. We've never been out of the country, but we hear the Queen is big on Corgis. I'm a friendly lion if they would like to play someday."


Expect to see more of Charles the Monarch - he has his own Facebook page with close to 2,000 likes.

Charles the Monarch

Charles the Monarch