Morrissey Slams The Beckhams As 'Insufferable To Anyone With Intelligence' And Calls For Them To Be Flogged

He's most recently taken aim at the Royal Family, Sir Paul McCartney and the London Olympics.

Now Morrissey has another target in his crosshairs - the Beckhams.

Branding David and Victoria as "insufferable", the 53-year-old even refuses to refer to them by their family name - calling them "the Peckhams" instead.

Morrissey complains footballers 'are paid £200k a week, yet couldn't identify a harp'

'We don't seem to realise that David and Victoria Peckham will soon be back and god forbid they will be bestowed with titles Sir and Lady Peckham, this is what's wrong with this country, we don't seem to care.

"Football often seems to me to have no meaning whatsoever other than just to be there. It can't be elevated any higher because so many footballers are paid £200,000 a week, yet couldn't identify a harp."

'Insufferable': David and Victoria Beckham

The Smiths frontman also took potshots at Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron and revealed he nearly voted for UKIP, adding: "I like Nigel Farage a great deal."

That's rare praise indeed from the man who also professes to hate meat eaters, "the entire population of China", artist Damien Hirst, Madonna, immigrants, Canadians and Elton John.

In more recent times, Morrissey made his views on the London Olympics clear in a posting on his fan site True To You, where he compared the spirit around Britain and to the event to that of Nazi Germany.

He also complained about the royals being given too much media coverage at the Olympics and the "foul patriotism" that has taken over England.

Morrissey also blasted Sir Paul McCartney for accepting a knighthood from HM The Queen.

The famously anti-royal rocker is adamant he would turn down any offer of an official honour from the British Establishment, insisting that such awards are intended to make rebellious celebrities "trot into line".

He added: "I am proud of David Bowie for refusing a knighthood."

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