Jennifer Lawrence Says She Feels Physically Sick If She Tells A Lie

Telling fibs, as we all know, is very naughty but if we ever do find ourselves telling a bit of a porkie the only side effect we usually feel is a bit of guilt. And maybe rouged cheeks. Not so Jennifer Lawrence - she says she wants to reach for the nearest bucket.

Yes, really.

The 'Hunger Games' star reckons she becomes so anxious when she lies that she wants to throw up - something she blames on a traumatic childhood moment when her mum caught her fibbing.

The actress made the revelation during a lunch interview with Vanity Fair during which she admitted to lying to the waitress about enjoying her meal.

She told the hack: "I'm feeling ill. Look at my leg. I'm shaking my leg because I knew she was going to ask [about the food]. I get the weirdest anxiety. I swear to God, I blame my mum.

"When I was in elementary school, I told everyone I had a leg problem and it required a lot of attention, my imaginary leg problem, and I didn't know if I was going to live or die. And my mother comes to school and one of my classmates is like, 'How is Jennifer's leg?' And my mum looks at me and she knows I've been lying and she made me purge.


"I was on the floor and she drew all the lies out of me that I had ever told. She made me tell every single lie, and I was like, crying. It was horrible! I swear, I blame her.

"Even the smallest thing, like, 'How's your day?' If I'm having a bad day and I say, 'It was good,' I'm like, 'Oh, God!' and I have to purge."

Blimey. Let's hope she never has to lie on camera, eh? oh.