Kate Middleton's Portrait Gets Spoofed As Vigo From Ghostbusters And Ecce Homo On Twitter

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge's first official portrait has been unveiled to, ahem, somewhat mixed reviews.

Although artist Paul Emsley said was keen to convey "her warmth and smile", social media users have claimed the painting makes her look cross-eyed and much older than her years, not doing justice to her natural beauty.

The official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, by Paul Emsley

The misty creation possesses a glancing resemblance to the much-loved Duchess, but for many, that's all it does.

On Twitter, fans of the pretty Duchess have called for Kate to "flog the artist at dawn" or shout "off-with-their heads" or demand some equally antiquated royal punishment poste-haste.

The painting has been compared with a Twilight posters (by people who hate Twilight) to the ugly old painting from Ghostbusters, and by Sunday Times interviewer Camilla Long as 'a before and after picture', with Long jibing she couldn't decide which it was.

Terrifying: the ghostbusters photoshop circulating on social media

It was only a matter of time before the internet got to work, with some saying the old Spanish woman responsible for "restoring" a Spanish fresco (and making Jesus look like a monkey) had also painted Kate.

It's the way the eyes follow you around the room...

Others claimed they could improve the painting themselves .

an artist's impression of an artist's impression: by Jenny Colgan

Some Twitter users thought more sinister forces were at work, and not the Dorian Grey kind. These conspiratorial social media users suggested that perhaps the painter had an anti-royalist agenda, and one even tentatively forwarded that the Queen had purposely sabotaged the portrait.

Kate has described the picture as "amazing" and William also had high praise for the painting, saying: "It's beautiful, it's absolutely beautiful." So that's all that matters really.