14/01/2013 04:49 GMT

Queen's Bentley Fails To Start At Sandringham Church Service (PICTURES)

The Queen was forced to wrestle with the frustration of engine trouble on Sunday after Her Majesty's Bentley failed to start first time after a church service at Sandringham.

queen bentley car

The car fails to start

The state limousine was created especially for the Queen, but despite having the best Bentley money can buy, the car only juddered into life on its seventh attempt.

queens bentley

The Queen's Bentley was made especially for her for the Golden Jubilee

She was seen laughing and pointing at her chauffeur as he attempted to revive the vehicle outside the Norfolk church, reported the BBC.

Her Majesty dealt with the episode good naturedly, and was heard remarking "don't let it stop" as the car roared to life according to the BBC.

queen bentley car

Safe inside her armoured vehicle the Queen drives off