UK 4G: Ofcom Auction Nears, But Just 6% Would Switch To LTE Reports Survey


Ofcom's auction for new 4G spectrum is about to get under way - just in time for consumers to ignore it.

The UK currently has just one 4G network, but is set to get a host more by the summer as all of the major carriers bid for spectrum opened up by the digital TV switchover.

The two-month auction could generate up to £5.3bn for the Treasury, it has been reported.

But according to new research shared exclusively with the Huffington Post, it seems the majority of people aren't interested in signing up whoever ends up running the networks.

The study by Harris Interactive showed that 68% of people have no interest in 4G because they are satisfied with their current service.

More than half - 53% - said they didn't know if 4G was available in their area.

While 4G LTE offers up to five times the speeds of 3G, just 6% of people said they wanted to upgrade to 4G as soon as possible.

Most added they would stay with their current provider anyway - 91% said they'd stick with Vodafone, and 85% said the same for O2.

Lee Langford, research director at Harris Interactive said "more could be done to increase the knowledge and understanding of the service".

He added that currently 4G was too expensive to be worth the switch for most: "EE is ahead of the game and will likely convert more early adopters over the next six months, but pricing for 4G services will be crucial."

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