Tiny WheeMe Robot Gives Massages Using 'Tilt Sensor Technology' (VIDEO, POLL)


WARNING: Video takes a while to get to the point. To minimise pain, skip to 0:50 seconds.

Have you always dreamed of daily massages, but without the time or money to afford them? Well, perhaps, we've found the solution.

There's a new kid robot on the block who can rub your troubles away in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price of a therapist.

Weighing just 330 grams and designed to imitate the human touch, the WheeMe robot is a tiny masseur on wheels that uses sensor technology to navigate its way across the body.

Isn't it cute?

Regrettably, HuffPost UK Lifestyle have been unable to try the little guy out for ourselves, so here is what the product's website says:

WheeMe by DreamBots is a palm size robot that gently massages and caresses as it moves slowly across your body. Embodying unique sensor technology, WheeMe automatically steers itself over your body without falling off or losing its grip in most cases.

As it moves, WheeMe's four small wheels and the rotor finger gently press​ and caress providing a​ delightful sense of bodily​ pleasure.​​​

The robot retails at €69 (£57.16) and is available to buy on the DreamBots website.

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