Beach Boys Biopic 'Love And Mercy' Will Star Paul Dano As A Young-Brian Wilson

'There Will Be Blood' star Paul Dano is to play Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson as a young man in a new biopic.

The actor will portray the 'Good Vibrations' hitmaker in Bill Pohlad's new film 'Love and Mercy' - and Wilson is thrilled.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I am thrilled that Paul Dano has signed on to play me during one of my most creative explosions and most fulfilling musical times in my career. I still can't believe how cool it is that my life will be portrayed on the big screen... It just makes me feel so humble. I can't wait to see it with a full tub of buttered popcorn."

Brian Wilson

A second actor will also be cast to play the older Wilson in the film, co-written by 'I'm Not There' screenwriter Oren Moverman.

It's not the only Beach Boys biopic currently on the Hollywood slate - Aaron Eckhart will portray Brian's tragic brother Dennis in a new movie called 'The Drummer', to be directed by Randall Miller.