Diane Abbott To Warn Parents And Teachers Of An 'Increasingly Pornified' British Culture

Shadow health minister, Diane Abbott, will warn on Tuesday that British culture is becoming "increasingly pornified" and risks damaging younger generations.

The Labour MP believes a "revolution in sex education" is needed to counter sexual bullying and a rise in "sexting" fuelled by the proliferation of technology, especially smart phones, reports the BBC.

Speaking to the Fabian Society's Women’s Network, Abbott will urge a "national conversation" on how parents and teachers discuss sex and technology with today's youth.

She will say: "I fear we're seeing the rise of a 'strip-tease' culture in British schools, and British culture, with the British family unit left marginalised.

"It’s a hyper-sexualised British culture in which women are objectified, objectify one another, and are encouraged to objectify themselves; where homophobic bullying is normalised; and young boys’ world view is shaped by hardcore American pornography and other dark corners of the internet.

"We need to talk about how we put families, and not the lowest common denominator of the market, back in control. We’ve got to build a society based on open-minded family values, and not ‘anything goes’ market values."

Her comments will come a day after David Cameron's new advisor on childhood said parents should insist on snooping on their children's text and online conversations.

Claire Perry said "sexting" was commonplace in most schools and young people were free to make contact with strangers over the interent 24 hours a day.

She said: "We’ve given our children all these opportunities to communicate in private, but we’ve lost the confidence to actually get involved in that.

"We have to feel more empowered to ask. Make sure your kids allow you to be friends with them on Facebook, ask them whether what they are doing is appropriate," reports the Daily Mail.

An inquest last week found that a 13-year-old girl fell to her death from a balcony trying to convince a boy below to delete a sex video from his phone.

Chevonea Kendall-Bryan was threatening to jump when she slipped and fell 60ft.