Splash!'s Linda Barker Opens Up About Training Regime And Staying In Shape

Linda Barker has found herself in the middle of a storm of publicity since she agreed to take part in Splash!, with everyone desperate to know her beauty secrets.

The interior designer and TV presenter agreed to take part in Tom Daley's diving show to face the challenge of the diving board, but has instead found all the attention focused on her amazing figure.

The 51-year-old told the Mirror she was overwhelmed by all the compliments she received when the show was aired and couldn't get to sleep that night. But Linda admits that rather than having some miracle reason for her great shape, it is all down to lots of hard work in the gym.

Linda tells The Mirror: "I know it’s a pain for a lot of people, but I really love exercise. I have a personal trainer, Giulio, in a gym down in South London, where I got twice a week. He is really tough. That's why I do it. Every session is 100% to my max."

She added that she also does yoga whenever she can and has downloaded an app to her phone that allows her to do an hour and a half session wherever she is.

And the secret of her great skin is down to her making sure she is only using the best products on her face now that she has turned 50 - and boy does she use a lot of products.

"The one thing I can do for my skin is treat it to the good stuff. I use six products on my face every morning and night. I have an oil cleanser, waterproof cleanser, and then I take that off. Then I have a toner, that I have a serum and a gel and then a moisturiser. I'm not kidding, that's what I've done ever since I've turned 50," Linda added.

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