Beyoncé Super Bowl: Singer Dons Sexy Referee Outfit Ahead Of Half-Time Show Performance (PIC)

Bey's Bowled Us Over

While all of America is excited for the Superbowl, over here in Blighty, this year's annual American Football event means one thing, and one thing only - the comeback of Beyoncé! *squeals*

The singer, who follows in the footsteps of Madonna and Janet Jackson, is performing during the prestigious half-time show, and has given us a taster of what is in store with a picture uploaded to her Tumblr.

Dressed in a striped shirt teamed with leather hot pants and thigh-high boots, Bey became a sexy referee in the promotional snap.

Her performance is rumoured to include around 30 dancers and a series of sexy costumes, as well as fellow Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joining her on stage - but nothing has yet been confirmed.

The question on everybody's lips, however, is will Bey mime again as she did at President Obama's inauguration earlier this month?

We'll just have to tune in this weekend to find out...


Beyonce Superbowl Sneak Peak

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