Love Your Wife Day: Husbands Publicly Declare Love in Japan (VIDEO)

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, a selection of men have been expressing their love very publicly, reports ITN News.

In Japan, the annual Love Your Wife Day sees 12 men taking to the stage in a car park and declaring their love for their other half in a spectacularly exaggerated manner.

The ladies are reduced to hysterics by their partners' romantic protests, while a happy crowd cheers on the yells of the constipated-sounding lovers.

But amidst the laughter, a few relationships truths do come to light.

"He's very fabulous and manly today; a fact I had forgotten in the last eight years since I married him," a wife told ITN News.

The organisers reportedly began the event because culturally modest Japanese men can find it "difficult" to express love.

And if you think this is rather weird, Huffpost UK Lifestyle have reported on many other events, around the world, such Bride Napping and Wife Carrying, during which women are exposed to fits of wild passion and machismo.