Weekly Wellbeing: 16 Top Tips On How To Reduce Stress In 2013 (PICTURES)

Every Friday, as part of our new 'weekly wellbeing' initiative, HuffPost UK Lifestyle will be picking their favourite feel-good story from around the web to share with our lovely readers.

With one quarter of Brits admitting to getting stressed every day and countless studies linking anxiety to mental and physical health problems, what better start to the weekly round-up than some tips to help you de-stress?

With the help of Dr. Cynthia Ackrill from the American Institute of Stress, HuffPost 50 came up with 16 top stress-busting tips to ease the strain of everyday life.

"When you 'feel' stress reduce, you are feeling your heart rate calm, your brainwaves organize, your vessels dilating, and your physiology and emotional state return to neutral," Dr. Ackrill said.

"A number of activities have stress-reducing effects for multiple reasons."

Easy Stress Busters