04/02/2013 13:40 GMT | Updated 04/02/2013 13:55 GMT

ITV Warned Over Dannii Minogue Milk Plug On 'Lorraine' Show

ITV has been criticised by the broadcasting watchdog for an interview on Lorraine in which Dannii Minogue promoted a type of milk.

The former X Factor judge spoke about the benefits of A2 milk while appearing on the weekday show in November.

dannii minogue

Dannii Minogue, who is paid to promote A2, told Lorraine Kelly the milk came from 'special cows'

Minogue was being interviewed to talk about The Little Black Dress Diet when she made the comments.

She told how she had "discovered this milk in Australia", added: "It's amazing ... they're just special cows," and: "It's out in the supermarket now."

Presenter Lorraine Kelly ended with "well that's great, it obviously works".

The broadcaster said that Kelly's comment was not meant to be an endorsement of the product but was meant to move the conversation on.

ITV said the comments were not subject to any product placement arrangement.

Ofcom has told ITV to take "further steps to ensure compliance in the area" after saying it was similar to another breach of the broadcasting code which saw This Morning guest Amanda Holden plug a group of law firms.

Ofcom said Minogue is paid to promote A2 milk, but that some of her comments gave the impression that she was making a spontaneous reference to the product.

It said it was "concerned that Dannii Minogue's comments included implicit claims that A2 milk would be beneficial for people who experience health issues after consuming regular milk".

Ofcom added that it was also concerned that Kelly's comment "inadvertently gave the impression of supporting the claims Dannii Minogue had made about A2 milk".

The watchdog found the show in breach, saying that although the discussion about A2 milk lasted only around a minute, "the information conveyed and overall effect was to promote and endorse A2 milk".