05/02/2013 08:30 GMT

Jodie Marsh Dresses Up As Victoria Beckham In Hilarious Twitter Pic

Model, reality TV star, bodybuilder and now impersonator? Is there no end to Jodie Marsh's talents?

Well it appears not, as Jodie has been perfecting her best Victoria Beckham impression as she dressed up as Posh Spice in a hilarious Twitter photo.

jodie marsh victoria beckham

She's even managed to get the pout just right too.

The star was unrecognisable as she transformed into Posh, recreating the look sported by the former Spice Girl in 2008.

"I don't know if you know but I am the worlds greatest master of disguise/fancy dress. Here's me as Victoria Beckham x," she tweeted.

But Jodie didn't stop there, as she also transformed into a host of other stars in the series of snaps.

jodie marsh

Many of her Twitter followers found it hard to believe that the photo of her dressed as Audrey Hepburn was really her.

But she tweeted to clarify: "Those who don't believe the pic of me as Audrey Hepburn is me, you can ask the photographer @paulriderphoto It IS me#masterofdisguise x x."

Jodie also came over all regal as she became Kate Middleton, along with Keith Lemon as Prince William.

jodie marsh keith lemon

And her final look saw her transform into one half of 'X Factor' duo Jedward.

jodie marsh jedward

As she finished uploading the pics, she tweeted: "My lookalike pics. Now THAT'S entertainment (as Paul Weller once said). Hope they make you laugh as much as I enjoyed doing them :-) x x."

They've certainly brightened up our Tuesday.


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