Beyoncé Nose Job: Did The Singer Really Debut New Snout At Super Bowl? (PICS, VOTE)

While we're all for gawping at celebrity surgery (thanks Lil Kim), we're not entirely convinced over the reports Beyoncé has had a nose job.

Various gossip sites are whispering about whether the Destiny's Child singer has gone under the knife to fix her nose, after pictures of her at Sunday's Super Bowl appeared to show her with a more petite snout.

Here is the evidence...

Beyonce in 2001 (left) and at Sunday's Super Bowl

However, while the pics may look daming, we think it could just be a trick of the light, as Bey's nose was looking normal in various other snaps taken on the night.

But what do you think? Votes below please...

Oh, and here's what Beyonce makes of the rumours.

Surgery Celebs

Surgery Celebs