Apple's Siri Hacked To Control Lights, Thermostat, TV And Garage Doors (VIDEO)

Thanks to HuffPost's Bianca Bosker, you know all about Siri's secret origins. But what about its future?

One creative individual has taken that into his own hands, after managing to hack Apple's voice assistant to open and close his garage doors, control his thermostat and even work his TV.

YouTube user Elvis Impersonator spent three days hacking Siri to do all that and more.

He says she (or he here in the UK) can open and close his garage, turn on his house alarm, control his lights and change the channel on his TV.

For the project he used a Raspberry Pi running SiriProxy, which listens to his iPhone and performs commands based on what it says.

The hacker said of the project:

"I spent countless nights dreaming of the day I could use voice commands to control my home, but I was still under a long term contract on my existing iPhone. I already had been experimenting with IP2IR control in various forms, but the controller I use in the video seemed to offer the most features which the manufacturer added a REST API in March 2012."

The whole project is open source, so you can head over to GitHub and download the code for your own use.

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