Kimberley Walsh 'In No Rush To Down The Aisle' With Boyfriend Justin Scott

Kimberley Walsh is hoping that her boyfriend Justin Scott does not propose any time soon, and especially not on Valentine's Day.

The singer and Strictly Come Dancing runner up has been with her partner for nine years, but has told The Mirror that she is in no rush to head down the aisle. And she is hoping that Justin won't use Valentine's Day next week as an opportunity to pop the question.

She explained that not only does she think it's a bit cheesy, she also thinks it's better to have a number of different occasions during the year to celebrate.

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She said: "Every Valentine's Day would be the day you got engaged, and then you would have to celebrate them both together. I want to spread them out. Then you get more celebrations throughout the year."

But if Justin really is planning to get down on one knee, he might have to do it soon as he has been getting competition from Cheryl Cole. Following the passing of the same-sex marriage bill in the House of Commons, Cheryl asked Kimberley to marry her on Twitter, much to the delight of the fans, who have nicknamed the pair Chim.

She added: "The fans have got a bit of an obsession with the two of us and the whole Chim thing. The next morning Cheryl was like 'Oops! Maybe people don't get my sense of humour. It was funny."

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