Chipmunk Has His Chops Full (PICTURES)

Chipmunk Has His Chops Full

This chipmunk's manners may leave a lot to be desired but thankfully he's so damned adorable we can forgive his dining faux pas.

The greedy rodent sneaked up on snapper Richard Bishop after hearing the distinctive crunch of peanuts being shelled.

Bishop said: "As I stood in the sun outside my friend's cottage eating some peanuts from the shell, the chipmunk came out of the forest.

Chowing down: Chipmunks have notoriously bad table manners

"He got very close, climbing up my leg, onto my hand and the table. Basically anywhere necessary to grab more peanuts from me."

Chipmunks, Tamias, are part of the Marmotini tribe, a grouping of the larger Sciuridae family, that includes other types of terrestrial squirrels.

According to National Geographic, these small, lively mammals are the smallest members of their squirrely family, feeding mostly on berries and nuts which they are adorably adept at stuffing into their cheek pouches for easy storage. Of the 25 Tamias species, all but one are found in North America.

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