Who Said It? Brendan Rodgers Or David Brent? (QUIZ)

Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool lost to West Brom on Monday night and are still yet to beat a team in the top half of the Barclays Premier League table.

Rodgers, who can certainly talk the talk, perhaps doesn't walk the walk. He has infuriated Liverpool fans to the extent that on the Red and White Kop forums, a haven for the paranoid and deluded, he is something of a scapegoat.

After the West Brom loss someone compared him to Lyle Lanley, the fraud who charms Springfield and persuades them to build the Monorail. But, as the star of Being: Liverpool, Rodgers has been compared by most to The Office's David Brent.

So after Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Soprano, José Mourinho and Johnny Sack and James Bond and David Beckham we ask: Who said it? David Brent or Brendan Rodgers?