13/02/2013 04:48 GMT | Updated 13/02/2013 04:59 GMT

Findus 'Horsemeat Lasagne' Advertised For £70 On eBay

A few enterprising souls have decided to cash in on the horse meat scandal currently blighting the pasta-based ready meals of Britain, putting their 'limited edition' lasagnes and spaghetti bolognese on eBay.

With gumption worthy of Del Boy himself, one seller posted his Findus meal on the auction site at £70, encouraging the buyer with the "This item may get booted off eBay so you need to act fast."

Yup, that's right. A £70 horsemeat lasagne.

With postage at £2.50, more than the lasagne itself cost, the seller also informs potential buyers that this is no longer on sale in shops and may contain horsemeat. There's also the practical addition: "Product will be shipped frozen but may arrive defrosted. "

Another has listed his horsemeat lasagne at 99p (with an ambitious £100 buy it now price), while an enterprising student put up a Tesco Value Spaghetti Bolognese frozen meal at £1.24, which has currently had three bids.

Three bids have been made for the spag bol

"Currently being stored in my Freezer in my student house in Sheffield." the seller writes, with a giant red warning that the product "MAY CONTAIN HORSE MEAT."

Both Tesco and Findus has been subjected to the fury of politicians and the food watchdog, whilst being mercilessly mocked by twitter's joke-writers after it was revealed horsemeat was found in their ready meals. Aldi and Lidl have also been dragged into the scandal.

Findus lasagne contained horse

Findus in particular has been ruthlessly ridiculed, with bookmakers Paddy Power asking tweeters to send in pictures of Findus lasagne in exchange for free bets.