North Korean Ambassador In London Hauled In By Foreign Office After Nuclear Test

Britain has hauled in the North Korean ambassador to protest against the regime's latest nuclear test.

Foreign Office minister Hugo Swire warned Hyon Hak Bong this morning that the state faces "increasing isolation and further action" unless it engages with the international community.

Hyon Hak Bong, seen here with the Queen, was summoned to the Foreign Office

The UN Security Council has unanimously condemned the test, which took place yesterday, as a clear threat to international security. China also expressed "firm opposition".

Monitors said it appeared twice as big as the previous test in 2009.

Defiant: North Korea leader Kim Jongh Un

Mr Swire summoned the ambassador to "underline the UK's firm opposition to this nuclear test and make clear to North Korea that it can either engage constructively with the international community, or face increasing isolation and further action by the international community", the Foreign Office said.

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