14/02/2013 05:12 GMT | Updated 16/04/2013 06:12 BST

Adidas Boost: Could These New Shoes 'Revolutionise' Marathon Running? (PICTURES)

Adidas has unveiled a new type of running shoe that it claims could revolutionise sport - and break the record for the fastest marathon.

The Adidas Boost features an all-new material in the sole which can provide huge improvements in the energy returned to a runner.

Made with a type of melted "energy capsule" foam pellets, the material in the sole is both firm and extremely squashy underfoot.

Adidas say it will let runners move more efficiently on the road, and allow them to go further for less energy.

The Boost material is also said to be be more resistant to extremes of temperature, and will not change its essential properties whether it's freezing cold or burning hot outside.

In demonstrations by Adidas, the Boost material is also able to bounce a heavy ball higher than its previous 'Eva' sole material:

The first Boost shoes to go on sale are understated, with a stretchy, black mesh upper and an exposed Boost sole.

In our tests they are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and have a raw, 'concept' appearance which is refreshingly understated compared to many running shoes.

The miCoach compatible shoes will cost £110 from Adidas and select retailers, when they launch on February 27 in the UK.

Other styles will follow, and a variant for athletes will be worn by Kenyan runner Wilson Kipsang, winner of the 2012 London Marathon, for the event in 2013.

An Adidas spokesperson told the Huffington Post that it believes the shoes could provide enough of a boost to break the marathon record.

"Kipsang is already the second-fastest marathon runner of all time, and if the conditions are right it's possible we may have a new record in 2013," the spokesperson said at the Boost's London launch event.

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