BEAT THE WEEK: News Quiz 15 February

Shocking headlines have dominated the newsstands this week, from the Pope quitting on Monday, in a move not seen at the Vatican for 600 years, to Olympian legend Oscar Pistorius being charged with murder on Friday.

Hundreds of people were left injured after a meteor streaked through the skies above Russia's Ural mountains on Friday, yet astronomers were keen to insist that the massive asteroid (2012 DA14) set to pass terrifyingly close to the Earth will not strike the planet. Are you worried?

The horsemeat scandal has continued to whet the pens of joke writers, whilst simultaneously causing 'shock' 'outrage' and 'disgust' amongst politicians and food suppliers. Yet one enterprising soul decided to make the most of the scandal, putting a 'limited edition' horsemeat lasagne on auction site eBay for £70.

There's definitely been some huge news stories around this week, and that's without the gossip, drama and celeb baiting on the red carpet of the Baftas and the Grammys. Were you paying attention this week? See if your news nose has sniffed out all the stories over the past seven days, in Huff Post UK's BEAT THE WEEK.

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