Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Set For March 14 (RUMOUR)

Samsung will announce its next-generation flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, on March 14 online sources have claimed.

The Korean electronics giant will reveal the device in New York, claimed Samsung site Sammobile.

Several other sources and tech sites have echoed the news, indicating - though hardly confirming - the rumours are based on solid information.

It is thought the device will represent Samsung's newest assault on the iPhone, will an enhanced screen, faster processor and new software features.

The Galaxy S3 was the best-reviewed and among the best-selling high-end smartphones of 2012.

The new device will likely command an equally impressive response, with specs rumoured to include a 5-inch, ultra HD screen, a quad-core Exynos 5440 processor and 2GB of RAM.

The device won't be public until next month, but it has been claimed that two units will be on show to select partners at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona next week.

It is also thought that the Galaxy Note 8.0, a larger version of the pen-based tablet, will be unveiled at the event.