Justin Bieber Murder & Castration Plot Audio Released

Audio of the foiled plot to castrate and murder teenage popstar Justin Bieber has been released.

Last year we reported on the plan to kill the singer at his Madison Square Garden show in November. Now newly released tapes reveal convicted murderer Dana Martin discussing the matter with Tanner Ruane, the nephew of his former prison inmate Mark Staake.

Martin, who has a tattoo of the Canadian heartthrob on his leg, refers to the purchase of "hedge clippers," thought to have been intended to castrate the singer and his bodyguard, reports KOAT 7.

The plot to murder and castrate Justin Bieber has been foiled

"Did he go over the Bieber thing with you?" Martin asks Ruane in a taped conversation he made from inside Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility, where he is serving two life sentences for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl.

"Nah. The way I like to work dude, I like to know as little as possible," Ruane said. "He's gonna use one of the things you gave him, and then he's gonna take care of it."

Authorities believe "take care of it" means to murder the pop star, and Ruane can be heard requesting $5,000 for each one he gets - again "gets" referring to murder.

Police say Martin contacted Stakke and told him the plan using code words. In another call, Martin can be heard telling Stakke to "kill the pitbulls and you're going to castrate them," with the "pitbull" the codeword for Bieber. He also is heard giving detailed instructions on how to strangle Bieber with his signature paisley scarf.

Strangely, it was Martin who informed police of the plot before it was carried out.

Staake, 41, was arrested by federal agents on November 19 in Vermont on violation of felony probation for aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon in New Mexico, News10 ABC previously reported.

Ruane, 23, was arrested at a gas station in Rotterdam, N.Y., the following day. He was found with murder tools and documents containing information about the intended victims.

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