Samsung Patent Describes Wacky Mobile Phone Guitar Hybrid

Samsung has been granted a patent on a mobile phone which can also function as a guitar.

The patent application was noted by Engadget, who said that while patents often don't turn into real products, this one is more appealing than most.

The device would use sensors, buttons and touch-enabled screens to make shapes and riffs on the virtual guitar's neck.

Moving your hand while holding the phone would simulate moving your hand along the neck, which a motion detector would pick up your 'strumming' action and use that to model the sound.

Yes, it's a strange and even - whisper it - zany idea. But it's also oddly fascinating.

"In this manner, instead of simply listening to the music through the portable communication device 10, the user can skillfully play the guitar by gripping the body 11 with one hand and shaking another hand as though he or she actually plays a guitar, and the user can listen to the music being played.

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