BT And 360Cities Unveil 320 Gigapixel Photograph Of London (PICTURES)

BT has unveiled an enormous 320 gigapixel photograph of London.

The 360-degree image was created from 48,000 separate photographs taken from the top of the BT tower, and allows users to zoom in up to 20 miles around the capital.

It was made during the 2012 Olympic Games with the help of 360Cities, BT said.

The picture was released to say "thank you" to the city for "an incredible 2012".

BT said it took three days to take the photographs, and three months for a compute to stitch the images together to create a seamless final version.

The picture would be 24 metres high and 98 metres long if printed onto a single sheet of paper, according to the Daily Mail.

The Panorama

London In 320 Gigapixels

The 320 billion pixel image is about four times larger than a similar shot made atop the Centrepoint power in 2010.

Steve Hercher, director, 360Cities, said: "So many unknowns and variables had to be addressed in the planning of this unprecedented shoot, really the first of its kind. Software and hardware were pushed to the limits, and rain, wind and other potential stumbling blocks had to be dealt with.

"Our photography team of Jeffrey Martin, Tom Mills and Holger Schulze did an amazing job and not a single individual frame from the more than 48,000 planned was missed."

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