Boris Johnson Voted Out Of London Assembly Mayor's Budget Meeting

Boris Johnson upped the ante with verbal mud-slingers everywhere on Monday by calling the gathered members of the London Assembly "great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies".

The oratorical masterpiece was in response to him being ejected from a meeting to discuss the Mayoral budget and a crunch vote on council tax.

The mayors deputy, Victoria Borwick, had failed to make it for the opening statement giving the opposition the chance to rush to the voting stage to make the most of their numerical advantage.

Johnson was voted out by 16 votes to eight as chair, Jennette Arnold, told him: "The Assembly has decided it has no questions to put to you."

Boris retorted: “Are you saying they’re abdicating their duty to scrutinise me?

"Are you saying that they haven't the guts to put questions to me?"

Borwick however, made it in time and the council tax budget was passed.

Johnson's unsteady confectionist comments come only days after he accused Nick Clegg of being a "wobbly jelly of indecision".

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