Domino's Results Reveal Solid Sales Increase Throughout 2012 - 61 Million Sold In UK & Ireland

Domino's Sells Enough Pizzas To Stretch Between Rome And London 10 Times

Domino's Pizza created 61 million in 2012 - if you laid 10 inch pizzas end to end, they'd run from Rome to London and back more than five times.

The record number of pizza sales, up from 56m in 2011, was released as part of Domino's most recent results, which also showed like-for-like sales growth of 5% in the UK's mature stores alone.

Overall group sales increased by 12.8% to £598.6m, and profits before tax, excluding Germany and Switzerland, increased 14.2% to £49.7m. Domino's now runs 805 stores in four countries as of 30 December 2012.

Chief executive officer, Lance Batchelor, said in a statement that he expected the trend to continue into 2013, despite the impact of heavy snow falls in the UK.

"We have had a solid start to the first seven weeks of 2013 with like-for-like sales in the UK mature stores up by 1.6%. Clearly the recent spell of poor weather and widespread snow in week three and week four has had an adverse impact on trading," he said.

"During these two weeks, we had a total of 498 stores closed at some point - almost two-thirds of our UK store network was impacted."

"I am optimistic about the future and, with the support of our franchisees, we will continue to grow this outstanding business by focusing on opening new stores, testing new store formats and developing new products while always ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything we do."

Nick Hood said Domino's soaring sales were proof of how focal the home pizza habit has become for cash-strapped, value conscious UK consumers.

"Predictions of a major store opening and job creation programme will be a rare shaft of sunlight through the gloom in high street savage by so many major store chain closures since Christmas," he told the Huffington Post UK.

"Domino's management can plan its bigger and brighter future from the secure base of a strong balance sheet, with modest debt and a robust stream of profits to fund the extra working capital that growth will require."

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