6 Of The Least Stressful Jobs Around (PICTURES)

Sometimes changing employers isn’t enough: what’s stressing you out could be your chosen occupation.

There are plenty of things that can make a job stressful. Contributing factors can range from the job's physical demands and environmental conditions to the amount of public speaking required. Working in a competitive or deadline-driven workplace, and working in the public eye are also recognised as significant contributors to job stress.

Laurence Shatkin, author of 150 Best Low-Stress Jobs, warns work stress can affect anyone: “It used to be common to hear about ‘mid-life career changers,’ but today one also hears the phrase ‘quarter-life career changers’ because so many people in their 20s feel the need for a career change—most often because of stress.”

Want to make the change but in need of some serious inspiration? Here are some of the weirdest, most wonderful and unexpectedly stress-free jobs around.