27/02/2013 04:11 GMT | Updated 28/02/2013 03:42 GMT

Harry Styles Hit In The Groin As Fan Throws Shoe At One Direction Singer During Gig (VIDEO)

Harry Styles was bowled over by fans at a One Direction gig on Tuesday night - and we mean that quite literally.

The curly-haired heartthrob was floored when a flying shoe hit him in the googlies while he was on stage.

harry styles hit by shoe

harry styles hit by shoe

Ow. Ow. Ow.

After a fan threw their shoe at the band during a show in Glasgow, Harry asked why he had only been given one, prompting them to lob the other at him - but a bad aim (we're guessing it wasn't on purpose, that is unless Taylor Swift was in the house) meant it hit him where it hurts.

The singer fell to the floor in agony clutching his nether regions as his bandmates shouted 'man down!'.

harry styles hit by shoe

harry styles hit by shoe

As Louis and Liam assured the screaming crowd that Harry was fine, he jumped up and styled it out with a few casual lunges.

What a trooper!

The boys have just started out on their eight month 'Take Me Home' world tour, which kicked off in London on Saturday.

Watch the full video of Harry being hit in the nads above, and here it is in GIF form. Because everyone loves a GIF.


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