Joey Barton Mocks Zlatan Ibrahimović's 'Big F*****g Nose' (VIDEO)


Best known for on-pitch violence, stubbing a cigar out in a teammate's eye and doing time in prison, Joey Barton did his best Michael Brown impression when he attempted to wind up Zlatan Ibrahimović on Wednesday night. However the Swede had the last laugh as Paris St Germain beat Marseille 2-0 again, leaving Barton bitter.

After an aerial clash in which Barton accused Ibrahimović of elbowing him, the duo exchanged some verbals, leading the on-loan QPR midfielder to mock his opponent's "big f*****g nose", to which Ibrahimović chuckled.

And why wouldn't he? Last summer, Ibrahimović was one of the best strikers at Euro 2012 while Barton ended up training with Fleetwood Town a month later.

Ibrahimović was laughing again when he scored against Barton's Marseille for the second time in three days from the penalty spot to seal PSG's win.

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