'Accidental Partridge' Is Our New Favourite Twitter Account


Oh, Alan Partridge, how we love you. And how we love the new Twitter account Accidental Partridge.

Accidental Partridge - or @AccidentalP - is, you see, selecting the most Alan Partridge-sounding tweets of 'celebrities' (and we use the word advisedly).

And so you get the sublimely banal twitterings of DJs like Tony Blackburn and Chris Evans, sportsmen like Michael Owen and Ian Botham, TV presenters like Ben Fogle and Richard Hammond - and many more - all retweeted with the hashtag #accidentalPartridge.

@AccidentalP has only been tweeting since February, but at the time of writing it's already got nearly 25k followers. Here's a smattering - a Partridge-flavoured Smörgåsbord, if you will - of some of the account's funniest tweets so far...


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