04/03/2013 07:57 GMT

Kelly Brook's Ex, Thom Evans Dating Danny Cipriani's Ex, Jessica Lowndes

Celebrity love triangles are SO last year, 2013 is allllllllll about the celebrity love square doncha know, isn't that right Kelly Brook?

Now, you'll need to focus for this one, so here goes...

Kelly Brook used to go out with rugby player Danny Cipriani, they split and Kelly moved on to another rugby boy in the shape of Thom Evans. Meanwhile, Danny started seeing '90210' actress Jessica Lowndes. Then Kelly and Thom split (as did Danny and Jessica) only for Kelly to get back with Danny and Thom to reportedly move on to Danny's ex, Jessica.

Thom Evans and Jessica Lowndes are reported to have been on a string of dates

Got that? Phew.

According to reports, Thom fell for 24-year-old Jessica after meeting in a Los Angeles juice bar a few weeks ago and has since been out on several dates with the US actress.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Thom was left on the floor last month when he was dumped by Kelly Brook. Then seeing her going out on public dates with Danny has just made it even harder to get over the break-up.

"It is a bit weird that ­Jessica is Danny’s ex, but Thom doesn’t have a problem with that. He has been trying to find a woman to take his mind off things. So he’s started dating Jessica and says she is one of the nicest girls he’s ever met."

Meanwhile, Kelly appeared to confirm her romance with Danny is most definitely back ON over the weekend on Twitter.

On Saturday night she tweeted the message, 'Kissing someone you Love is the best feeling in the World', before posting a snap of her and Danny with the caption 'star cross (eyed) lovers'

We wonder if this will eventually turn into a celeb love hexagon?


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