07/03/2013 08:05 GMT

Heartwarming Video Of The Day: Cows Frolic In Spring Sunshine After Being Indoors All Winter (VIDEO)

This video may be a little old, but (a) we'd never seen it before, (b) it's going viral right now and (c) it brought a big goofy smile to our faces - so we think it's only right that we share it with you.

Plus, it's the right time of year to do so. Because it shows a herd of cows gamboling like little baby lambs as they're let out into the untouched pastures of the Beemster Polder after being cooped up indoors all winter.

The Beemster Polder is in the Netherlands, and it's on UNESCO's World Heritage list because it's a specially landscaped area of fields, roads, canals and more, all laid out in accordance with classical and Renaissance planning principles.

It's also a really happy place for cows.

Yes, this video is almost as heartwarming as the freed lab chimpanzees. Or the northern fur seal returning to the sea (see below). Sorry... what's that? No, we just have something in our eye...