St Andrews' Dont Walk Fashion Show 2013 (PICTURES, VIDEO)

At the weekend, a quiet town in Scotland was transformed into an international fashion hub - and it was done so by students.

Fashion designers from as far as New York came to St Andrews' to have their wares strutted on the runway, at this year's Dont Walk fashion extravaganza.

The event, where Kate Middleton infamously sashayed down the catwalk in 2002, was a renowned success as six months of gruelling work came to fruition.

Organised by St Andrews University students, the event was brimming with beautiful young models, teeming with students with an insatiable appetite and overflowing with talent.

Taking place a month after its rival fashion show, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, Dont Walk is worth the wait - and the near-on five-hour journey from London.

The show, which took place on Saturday night, attracts designers from around the world, as well as giving the opportunity for students to strut their stuff on the runway.

The show's organisers, who started work last September, plucked the models from the hundreds of students who auditioned to be in the show.

Scantily-clad student models walk the runway at Dont Walk 2013

Having previously boasted the likes of Chanel, Missoni and Yves Saint Laurent, the show's organisers told HuffPost UK they were keen to return to their roots and focus on underground designers. Many of those involved in the show were either still students, or recently graduated, such as Nottingham Trent graduate Lizzie Lock and young scottish designer of 2012 Hayley Scanlan.

Kristofer Gravning, head of press for the 2013 show, told HuffPost UK: "The show went better than I could have dreamed of.

"The amazing artistic spectacle with the combination of music and choreogrpahy created an atmosphere and a show so professional it is almost unbelievable the show was put up by a student committee without any official degrees in music or fashion.

"More than anything the show is meant to be an artistic spectacle where the audience feels like it is part of the show, and I believe Dont Walk achieved that this year more than in any previous show."

The show, which was established in the wake of 9/11, this year raised funds for the Non-Violence Project, which aims to end violence among youths through education.

Rolf Skjöldebrand, co-founder of the project, told HuffPost UK: "I was very impressed by the show in general and I think the students had done a awesome job. If you didn't know that you were at a show created and managed by students, you might as well have been in Paris or Milan at one of the big presentations by the major fashion houses. And believe me I have seen a few of them...

"I was of course most pleased with the finale, showcasing all great designs of the Knotted Gun that the super talented Emma had created. All in all World Class!"

Gravning added: "The greatest part of the show was knowing that the amazing work done this year has provided the Non-Violence Project with an enormous charitable contribution and has successfully carried on the legacy of providing charity through creativity."

On Saturday night, excitable students flocked to the Dont Walk show, which is housed in a converted barn overlooking the picturesque Forth of Firth.

Dressed to the nines, and crowding around circumference of the cutting-edge catwalk runway, the anticipation amongst the students was palpable.

As the lights dimmed, and a remixed version of Johnny Cash's Ain't No Grave filled the room, the models spilled out onto the runway dressed in jailbird chic. Painstakingly choreographed, they gyrated and danced to cheers and screams from the crowd, as Dont Walk 2013 made its mark on the fashion world for 2013.

St Andrews' Dont Walk 2013

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