08/03/2013 07:27 GMT | Updated 08/03/2013 12:33 GMT

Alex Reid Blasts Chantelle Houghton: 'I Don't Even Know Where My Daughter Lives'

Alex Reid has hit out at his former fiancée Chantelle Houghton (again) claiming she has blocked his parents from visiting their daughter, and doesn't even know where eight-month-old Dolly lives.

The former couple have been embroiled in a messy war of words since ending their relationship last year, and Alex's latest outburst comes after Chantelle claimed he did not want to see their daughter over Christmas, and that his parents have not seen Dolly at all so far this year.

Writing on his official website, Alex hit back: "This week, it was claimed that my parents have not been to see Dolly this year. This is true.

"However, the facts are that I have asked on numerous occasions if my parents can come with me to see Dolly. The last time I asked was a few weeks ago. I was told that I would have to ask Chantelle’s Mother, Vivienne, as I only visit Dolly at Vivienne’s house – I do not even know where my daughter lives," he said.

"My parents are desperate to see their Granddaughter, despite the four hours travel time to get there and back, but do not want to impose on Vivienne’s hospitality. I already feel like I am intruding by visiting twice a week on my own to see my beautiful little girl."

Alex went on: "However, apart from my parents who have not seen Dolly for quite some time, there are members of my family that have never had the opportunity to meet her at all.

"Ideally, all I want is for me and my family to have a normal relationship with Dolly, even though Chantelle and I are no longer together. It deeply saddens me that I don’t get asked for any input into Dolly’s life," he added.

Whilst also denying Chantelle's claims he had only just begun paying child support, saying he has been paying it since last year, Alex did, however, insist he thought his ex partner was a 'fantastic mother'.

"I would like to add that whilst Chantelle and I are no longer in a relationship, she is a fantastic mother to Dolly and I understand that she has to ensure she makes money to provide for our child – and if this is by commenting on our relationship for the sake of our daughter then so be it," he said.

"I have thought in recent weeks, that our relationship is more amicable. This can only be good for Dolly and I hope this continues."

Chantelle later hit back on Twitter (as expected) to claim there was good reason why Alex does not know where she lives as he is involved with people that are 'of concern' to her.

Embarking on a rant she said: "Alex has left me with no option but to defend the distorted claims he has made.

"I do not wish to go into specific detail about this - and I am sure he would not want me to but Alex knows the very good reasons why I will not allow him to take Dolly to his parents and why he has supervised visits.

"At Christmas Alex didn't see dolly, I tried to contact him for several days to arrange, his phone rung and rung and eventually switched off. I do not know what he was doing."

She continued: "After Dolly was born, Alex's family including extended members who he says have not met her, had been due to visit us at home.

"Sadly, Alex disappeared and was uncontactable for days in the lead up to and on the day if their scheduled visit, so they did not come.

"It's true that Alex doesn't know where I live & there is good reason for this. Alex has both in the past and currently been closely involved with people who are of deep concern to me but most importantly, to the welfare of my daughter. That is my only concern.

"There is very good reason why Alex may visit dolly at my mums house under my supervision. I have not stopped Alex's parents from visiting Dolly."

She finished her tirade by saying: "I hope that you will respect that this subject is a sensitive matter and there are very good reasons why it is in the hands of my legal team."

Watch this space for Alex's reply.


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