Funny Tweets Of The Week: Justin Bieber, The Queen, Hugo Chavez And More

(Obviously the three people in the headline above being listed in order of importance.)

Yes, this was the week of the late Justin Bieber - and the late Hugo Chavez. The week that the Queen spent an awful lot of time on the throne, the week Manchester United crashed out of the Champions League, and the week both Vicky Pryce and NatWest went down.

Meanwhile, the search for the Pope's successor continued, Bonnie Tyler was revealed as the singer of this year's UK entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, and bacon was deemed - incredibly - to possibly not be all that good for you. If you eat a lot of it. Although we're assuming it's better for you than faeces in IKEA cakes or horsemeat in Taco Bell products.

It was also, of course, the week we celebrated World Book Day and, not to be outdone by books, women celebrated International Women's Day. Go women! And books!

So here, in all its Friday slideshow glory, is our round-up of some of tweets about these news events - and many more - that made us giggle this week...

The Week In Funny Tweets