David Cameron's Funniest Sporting Pictures As He Unveils New Funding For Schools

Cameron has been showing off his rugger skills at a club in Millwall, east London, on Saturday as it was announced school sport is to get a £150 million a year cash injection to help bolster coaching.

A primary school with 250 pupils would receive £9,250 per year - around two days a week of a primary teacher or a coach's time, according to Mr Cameron.

Cameron braved the muddy pitch to play some rugby

The PM is certainly keen on sports, as a quick flick through our picture archive revealed.

However Cameron has, at times, revealed a cavalier attitude towards technique, favouring jumping back slams, pirouettes and tough body passes: and that's just in a game of ping pong.

Here, take a flick through the back annuls of Cameron's top sporting moments, and pay tribute to his maverick technique.